OTWH celebrates Prequel’s One Year Anniversary!

“A year ago today callmemanny.com went live. A year ago today I released my music video for All In. A year ago today I made a decision that would change my life. A year ago today I released my first official EP Prequel.

The love and support I’ve gotten for this release has been unreal. It was the largest response to my music ever! I can now say I have fans across the nation from Boston to New York to Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, and even areas outside the country like Toronto and Manchester UK. I’ve even spoke to individual listeners from Germany and Australia. It’s Unbelievable.

I’ve spent the last year working tirelessly to promote this body of work as I believe it marks the beginning of something much much bigger! Thank you everybody who’s been a part of this story so far! You will not be forgotten. Ever!

Thank you!” – Manny

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