Fallen Out Of Love passes 200,000 streams on Spotify!

“It took 9 months for Fallen Out Of Love to pass 100,000 streams on Spotify. 2 and a half months later – We’re celebrating an additional 100,000 streams! The traction this song has been receiving lately is incredible and I want to thank every individual listener who has heard the record. The comments people have been sending me about it are bitter sweet. Some people comment simply with a date of their previous anniversary and a broken heart while others comment saying the song has helped them get out of a troubled relationship. It’s emotional for me too knowing people hear my lyrics and believe I’m speaking straight to them. Fans from all over the nation and even some outside the country have been impacted by this record and it’s truly jaw dropping. Thank you again for listening! I love you!

PS. Stay tuned for new music ;). ” – Manny

Click here to listen to Fallen Out Of Love on Spotify now!

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