Month: April 2017

Fallen Out Of Love passes 200,000 streams on SoundCloud

“Fallen Out Of Love continues to surpass Out My Way as my most popular song of all time. It’s reassuring to me that 1) I won’t forever be known as “Out My Way Manny” 😂 and 2) That my new music is resonating with fans. One of the scariest things about being an artist is the constant […]

Fallen Out Of Love passes 300,000 streams on Spotify!

“9 months to pass 100,000 streams. 2 & 1/2 months to pass 200,000 streams. 2 months to pass 300,000 streams. I need to thank everybody who’s been listening from the beginning and all the new listeners I gain on a daily basis! I need to thank everybody that has been putting me on their Spotify […]

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