Manny - Out My Way Single Cover


Manuel Eduardo Alcantara (born November 20, 1989) known professionally by his stage name Manny, is a singer, songwriter, rapper, composer, producer, and engineer. He was raised in Lynn, Massachusetts - a city about 10 miles north of Downtown Boston. Manny is most known for his "story-telling" lyrics from songs he released on YouTube including, "Fallen Out Of Love", "What Was I Thinkin'", and most notably, "Out My Way." Coupled with many more predominantly self-produced and recorded titles, Manny managed to procure 3 million+ views between 2012-2015.

Early Life

Manny first showed interest in music at the age of 12 when he began writing raps in his free time. At age 14, Manny began learning how to play the piano, program beats, and record full-length songs on his computer. He released many raps songs under the pseudonym "Famous" and promoted his work on MySpace.

At the age of 17, while attending Salem State University, Manny began experimenting with singing, taking vocal lessons and joining the college chorus. Subsequently, he changed his artist name to, "Manny". He graduated Magna Cum Laude at the age of 21 with a bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship & Management with a Minor in Music.


Manny started becoming known in the music scene after making a number of dancehall tracks, popular in the northeast at the time. He performed at a number of local clubs and watched his fan base grow past Massachusetts to other states including New Hampshire and New York. He decided after finishing college to move to Miami in hopes of expanding his fan base even further.

In Miami, Manny quickly got caught up in life's cycle of responsibilities – forcing him to work countless hours as a Retail Sales Manager for AT&T. As a result, Manny found himself spending less and less time working on his music. During this time frame, however, he watched his fan base sour to new heights in the northeast through YouTube for his title, "Out My Way". Desiring to seize the opportunity, Manny began working on new music in the studio releasing what would become his next most popular song, "Fallen Out Of Love."

While working at AT&T, Manny was introduced to who would become his best friend, manager, and business partner, Eddy Sanchez, who convinced him to move to New York to pursue his music career where the two founded their own record label, OnTheWayHome, Music LLC. Shortly, after founding the company, Manny decided to quit his job entirely to dedicate his time creating his first professional music project, "Prequel" – an EP solely written, composed, produced, performed, and engineered by Manny himself. Manny designed, "Prequel" to reflect the beginnings of his struggle as an artist and plans to continue to tell his story as it goes.

About This EP

The EP's overall concept tells a story. The EP's introduction "How The Story Goes" depicts an artists struggle with maintaining a relationship while attempting to make it in the music industry. The artists struggle continues to the next track advising his lover "Let's Be Honest" – "This relationship isn't really working out." The next song "Easy" tells a story where the artist is asking his lover to break up with him because it's too difficult for him to break her heart. On the following song, he advises her that he has "Fallen Out Of Love" and can no longer be in this relationship but wants to make sure she goes on to live a happy life. The following track takes a darker tone. The artist is now at a state of loneliness and no longer cares for love. He is in a club where he finds a new girl who happens to be in the same stage as him, i.e. Looking for lust not love. He advises this new girl, "I Don't Blame You" and clearly tells her he's not looking for love either. In the following track however, he begins to dive in to the new girls current relationship issues and tells her that she should not have to stay in her abusive relationship. He advises her that not every man is the same stating, "I'll go 'Out My Way' to make you happy." While going through all these relationship issues the artist lost focus of his music. He mentions in "Come Back" that many of his fans were still listening to his music and wanted him to return to the industry, as they truly believed in his talent. He apologizes to his fans and discusses some of the struggles that he went through during this period that he has now overcome. In the following song "All In" the artist advises his fans that he has now quit his job and is ready to pursue his dream. In the final track of the EP, the artist states he's now giving "210 Percent" of his energy to ensure success.